The Savings Bank Foundation DNB is an independent foundation with the long-term objective of encouraging and promoting positive developments in society.

Such a point of departure designates that in all its fields of work the Foundation should not simply comply with laws and regulations − in its ethical capacities it should lead the way in developing front-running practices.

We act as follows:

The Savings Bank Foundation DNB shall exhibit special caution in any situations that could trigger questions about our integrity and independence.

Nobody shall participate in or attempt to influence a decision when the particular circumstances could undermine confidence in his or her independence. Every individual is responsible for ensuring that no such situations arise.

Nobody should demand, receive or accept offers that can be associated with inappropriate advantages from the Savings Bank Foundation DNB’s contacts or from anyone else.

If anyone has doubts about whether or not an advantage could be deemed “inappropriate” they should consult their immediate superior. This line manager will then carefully assess whether or not the employee´s integrity or independence − or the Savings Bank Foundation DNB’s reputation − might be threatened if the advantage were to be accepted. Individuals are ultimately responsible for their own actions.

Confidentiality is an essential proviso for trust. Everyone is subject to professional secrecy in confidential matters about the Savings Bank Foundation DNB and the applicants they encounter in their work.