• Anders Kjellberg Nilsson

    Anders Kjellberg Nilsson

    Plays Michelangelo Bergonzi

    Anders Kjellberg Nilsson, (b. 1983), is one of Norway's most active violinists. He has performed as soloist with all of Norway's symphony orchestras and he frequently performs as chamber musician and ensemble leader. He serves as 1st concertmaster with the Norwegian Radio Orchestra. (Photo: Ingrid Halvorsen)

  • Atle Sponberg

    Atle Sponberg

    Plays Giovanni Battista Guadagnini

    Atle Sponberg is a much sought-after and popular musician, a frequent festival guest as soloist and chamber musician, a central force through years with the Norwegian Chamber Orchestra and as Concert Master of the Norwegian Radio Orchestra.

  • Berit Værnes Cardas

    Berit Værnes Cardas

    Plays Lorenzo Storioni

    Berit Cardas is a founder member of the Vertavo Quartet. Cardas has been a leader of the Norwegian Chamber orchestra, and performed as a soloist with major Scandinavian orchestras. She is also a renowned pedagog. Among Berit Cardas ambitions is letting as many children as possible get the chance to experience music making on a high level. 

  • Bjørg Lewis

    Bjørg Lewis

    Plays Gennaro Gagliano

    Bjørg Lewis is one of Norway's most sought after and admired cellists. She is a founder member of the Vertavo String Quartet, which has received numerous awards, including Norway's prestigious Grieg Prize in 2005. 

  • Camilla Kjøll

    Camilla Kjøll

    Plays Giovanni Battista Guadagnini

    Camilla Kjøll has been appointed 1st concert master of the Lucerne Symphonics, after having filled the corresponding position in the Norwegian Opera & Ballet for four years. She is a highly sought after soloist and chamber musician, has held recitals at numerous international festivals and performed either as a soloist or as a member of the major chamber orchestras and symphonic orchestras in her native Norway. (Photo by: Sverre Chr. Jarild).

  • Catherine Bullock

    Catherine Bullock

    Plays Giovanni Battista Guadagnini

    Catherine Bullock (b. 1976 in Yeovil, England) is Principal viola in the Oslo Philharmonic Orchestra, and has worked as guest principal in the Philharmonia Orchestra, the Norwegian Chamber Orchestra, the Royal Liverpool Philharmonic and the BBC National Orchestra of Wales.


  • Dan Styffe

    Dan Styffe

    Plays Gaspar da Saló

    Dan Styffe (b. 1957 in Sweden) is Co-principal bass in the Oslo Philharmonic Orchestra and teaches at the Norwegian Academy of Music and at Barratt Due's Institute of Music. Read more about Dan Styffe.

  • Eldbjørg Hemsing

    Eldbjørg Hemsing

    Plays Antonio Stradivari

    A champion of Norway's rich musical tradition, Eldbjørg Hemsing (b. 1990) has been a household name in her native country since childhood and made her solo debut with the Bergen Philharmonic at the age of 11. More about Eldbjørg Hemsing (Photo: Nikolaj Lund)

  • Elise Båtnes

    Elise Båtnes

    Plays Antonio Stradivari

    Elise Båtnes has the position of First Concert Master in the Oslo Philharmonic Orchestra and her concert activity also includes solo performances under recognised conductors and orchestras abroad. She has previously held the position of Concert Master in Denmark's Radio Symphony Orchestra for a total of nine years, as well as the Westdeutsche Rundfunk Sinfornieorchester, in Cologne.

  • Eivind Holtsmark Ringstad

    Eivind Holtsmark Ringstad

    Plays Giovanni Battista Guadagnini

    Eivind Holtsmark Ringstad (born 1994) had his great breakthrough after winning the Eurovision competition for young musicians in Vienna in 2012. Since that he has been a regular guest-musician at prestigious venues and festivals around the world. More about Eivind Holtsmark Ringstad.

  • Ernst Simon Glaser

    Ernst Simon Glaser

    Plays Francesco Rugeri

    Ernst Simon Glaser has recently been offered the position of principal cello in the Gothenburg Symphony Orchestra. He has a solid musical background from Royal Northern College of Music in Manchester under Ralph Kirshbaum, where he received a Class 1 Honours, the highest grade obtainable. Read more about Ernst Simon Glaser.

  • Frida Fredrikke Waaler Wærvaagen

    Frida Fredrikke Waaler Wærvaagen

    Plays Nicolas Lupot

    Frida Fredrikke Waaler Wærvågen (b. 1988) is considered to be one of Norway´s greatest young talents in classical music. Since the age of 11, Frida Fredrikke has won first prices and Honorary awards in several international and national competitions. Further, she has made her mark as a soloist with professional orchestras at home and abroad. (Photo: Morgan Nicolaysen)

  • Geir Inge Lotsberg

    Geir Inge Lotsberg

    Plays Giuseppe Guarneri filius Andreæ

    Geir Inge Lotsberg began his professional career at a young age and has distinguished himself as one of Norway's most active chamber musicians. Lotsberg is much in demand as a teacher and orchestra leader, working regularly in recent years with TrondheimSolistene and as a teacher at the Barratt Due Music Institute in Oslo. More information about Geir Inge Lotsberg.

  • Guro Kleven Hagen

    Guro Kleven Hagen

    Plays Carlo Bergonzi

    Guro Kleven Hagen (b. 1994) won second prize in Eurovision’s Young Musicians competition in Vienna in May 2010. In the spring of 2011 she made her debut with the Oslo Philharmonic Orchestra. As a soloist, Guro has performed with many other symphony orchestras, and she has won a number of prizes in national and international competitions. 

  • Henninge Båtnes Landaas

    Henninge Båtnes Landaas

    Plays Giovanni Battista Guadagnini

    Henninge Båtnes Landaas is a member of the Vertavo String Quartet http://www.vertavo.com/, with which she has toured the world over and made numerous recordings-Brahms, Bartok, Nielsen, Schumann, Grieg, Debussy and Beethoven. From Aug. 2010 she holds the position of co/principal viola in the Oslo Philharmonic Orchestra.

  • Henning Kraggerud

    Henning Kraggerud

    Plays Guiseppe Guarneri del Gesù

    Norwegian violinist Henning Kraggerud is an artist of exquisite musicianship, who combines an unusually sweet tone and beauty of expression with impressive virtuosity. Kraggerud performs at a high level throughout Europe and North America, and is increasingly in demand in a play/direct capacity. Read more about Henning Kraggerud.

  • Håkon Thelin

    Håkon Thelin

    Plays Giovanni Battista Ceruti

    Håkon Thelin is a double bass player and composer. He performs with the ensembles Oslo Sinfonietta and POING, and also regularly with Ensemble Modern and musikFabrik. At present, his main interest lies in the combination of contemporary music and folk music. Håkon is an Associate Professor at the Norwegian Academy of Music. (Photo by: Thomas Widerberg)

  • Ida Bryhn

    Ida Bryhn

    Plays G. and F. Grancino 1665

    Violist Ida Bryhn (b. 1981) is principal viola of the Norwegian Chamber Orchestra and also teaches at the Norwegian Academy of Music. She has performed at most major concert halls in Europe and the US.

  • Ingerine Dahl

    Ingerine Dahl

    Plays Jean-Baptiste Vuillaume

    Ingerine Dahl (b. 1980) is an avid soloist and chamber musician and has received several awards. Since 2004 she has had the position as second concertmaster of the Stavanger Symphony Orchestra. More about Ingerine Dahl

  • Jan Clemens Carlsen

    Jan Clemens Carlsen



  • Johannes Martens

    Johannes Martens

    Plays Francesco Rugeri

    Johannes Martens is currently playing in the Oslo Philharmonic Orchestra, and is also a member of Cikada Ensemble and Cikada String Quartet. (Photo: Bo Mathisen)

  • Kenneth Ryland

    Kenneth Ryland

    Plays Hieronimus Amati

    Plays on a bass made by Hieronimus Amati in Cremona, 1680. 

  • Kolbjørn Holthe

    Kolbjørn Holthe

    Plays Giovanni Battista Guadagnini

    Kolbjørn Holthe (b. 1973) is one of the leading Norwegian violinists of his generation and a much sought-after soloist, chamber musician and teacher. He was appointed Associate Professor at the Norwegian Academy of Music in 2001, and as of January 2014 he has been appointed concertmaster of the Norwegian Radio Orchestra.

  • Liv Hilde Klokk

    Liv Hilde Klokk

    Plays Tommaso Balestrieri

    Norwegian violinist Liv Hilde Klokk (b. 1984) is already established as one of Scandinavias finest young musicians today. She regularly performs as a soloist in Norway and abroad. She is part of the Oslo String Quartet.

  • Are Sandbakken

    Are Sandbakken

    Plays Matteo Gofriller

    Are Sandbakken is a leading figure on the Norwegian music scene, as a teacher and chamber music performer. In 2003 he was appointed Professor of Chamber Music at The Norwegian Academy of Music. More information: http://www.stringquartet.com/

  • Maria Angelika Carlsen

    Maria Angelika Carlsen

    Plays Giuseppe Rocca

    Maria Angelika Carlsen (b. 1988) currently holds the position as concertmaster for the Stavanger Symphony Orchestra. Moreover, she has been the leader and artistic director of the young chamber orchestra Ensemble Allegria since its foundation in 2007.

  • Nora Taksdal

    Nora Taksdal

    Plays Domenico Busan

    Nora Taksdal (b. 1968) has performed as a soloist in all of Norway’s symphony orchestras. She is a member of the Norwegian Chamber Orchestra of Oslo, and employed by the Norwegian Radio Orchestra (NRK). Nora has developed a music radio program, she has written articles about classical music in periodicals, and has initiated the forum Klassisk Vennepunkt.

  • Ole Eirik Ree

    Ole Eirik Ree

    Plays Enrico Rocca

    Ole Eirik Ree is an Assistant Professor at the Barratt Due institute of music in Norway, Director of Graduate studies, Director of Chamber Music for the most outstanding segment of the institute's young talents' program. Further, he is artistic director of the Valdres Festival. Ree earned his doctoral degree in musical arts from the Mason Gross School of the Arts, USA, in 2005. (Foto: Henning Kraggerud)

  • Ragnhild Hemsing

    Ragnhild Hemsing

    Plays Francesco Rugeri

    Ragnhild Hemsing's (b. 1988) unique upbringing close to the folk music traditions of Norway enables her to present modern and individual classical performances that evoke the style of folk traditions. (Photo: Thor Østbye)

  • Sandra Lied Haga

    Sandra Lied Haga

    Plays Joannes Florenus Guidantus

    Despite her young age, Sandra Lied Haga has, for many years made her mark in Europe and Norway. Moreover, she has achieved four international first prizes, honorary prize, six national first prices and a number of other awards.

  • Sonoko Miriam Shimano Welde

    Sonoko Miriam Shimano Welde

    Plays Alessandro Gagliano

    Sonoko Miriam Shimano Welde (b. 1996) is studying with Stephan Barratt-Due. In 2014 she won NRK's soloist competition "Virtuoso" and represented Norway in the Eurovision "Young Musicians" in Cologne. She received the Norwegian Soloist Prize 2014. She is also a permanent member of the string quartet Opus13.

  • Stephan Barratt-Due

    Stephan Barratt-Due

    Plays Giovanni Battista Guadagnini

    Stephan Barratt-Due is a third generation violinist in the rich tradition of the musical Barratt-Due family. He made a striking debut in 1981 with recitals and as a soloist with several orchestras, and has since been an active performer on the Norwegian music scene. His performances with orchestras, on concert tours, CD recordings and on television in Norway are countless. In addition, he has also toured most European countries, the USA, South America and Asia.

  • Terje Tønnesen

    Terje Tønnesen

    Plays Giovanni Battista Guadagnini

    Terje Tønnesen is among Norway’s leading violinists, and plays an important role in Nordic music life through his function as artistic director of the Norwegian Chamber Orchestra, concert master of the Oslo Philharmonic Orchestra and Artistic Leader of Camerata Nordica, Sweden.

  • Torleif Thedéen

    Torleif Thedéen

    Torleif Thedéen plays a cello made by Giovanni Battista Guadagnini in 1783 i Turin.

  • Torun Sæter  Stavseng

    Torun Sæter Stavseng

    Plays Matteo Gofriller 1725

    Torun Sæter Stavseng is a Norwegian cellist interested in a wide span of music and active as a soloist, chamber musician and orchestral leader. Torun has worked as a principal and co-principal cellist of numerous orchestras in Scandinavia including Royal Opera Stockholm, Norwegian Chamber Orchestra, Norwegian Broadcasting Orchestra and Helsingborg Symphony Orchestra. (Photo by: Bilge Oner)

  • Øystein Birkeland

    Øystein Birkeland

    Plays Francesco Rugeri

    Øystein Birkeland is well established as one of Norway's most prominent cellists. With an interest in a broad range of musical genres, he has throughout the years had an all-around practice as a chamber musician and soloist.

  • Øyvind Gimse

    Øyvind Gimse

    Plays Francesco Gofriller 1740

    Øyvind Gimse has through his 13 years as Artistic Director of the Trondheim Soloists (TS) developed the orchestra to become a fully professional ensemble with great international activity. Six Grammy nominations and two Grammy Awards crowns his four major recordings with the Trondheim Soloists as well as orchestra tours from South America to Japan. Moreover, he has conducted several of the professional Norwegian symphony orchestras as well as orchestras in Spain, Lithuania and Vietnam.

  • Øystein Sonstad

    Øystein Sonstad

    Plays Giovanni Baptista Rogeri

    Øystein Sonstad (b. 1970) is among the most popular of Norwegian cellists. He is a solo cellist in the Norwegian Chamber Orchestra and during the period 97-03 he had the same position in the National Radio Broadcasting Orchestra. He has been a member of the Oslo String Quartet since its inception and is also a long-time member of The Diamond Ensemble in Copenhagen. Moreover, he is very active as an arranger and composer. See also: http://www.stringquartet.com/

  • Øyvind Bjorå

    Øyvind Bjorå

    Plays Matteo Gofriller

    Øyvind Bjorå, (b. 1974) is a versatile violinist who has distinguished himself as a leader of orchestral ensembles. He currently leads the Norwegian National Opera Orchestra.

  • Øyvor Volle

    Øyvor Volle

    Plays Giovanni Battista Ceruti

    Øyvor Volle was (b. 1970) co-founded the Vertavo Quartet, a string quarter that celebrated its 25th anniversary in 2009. She has performed with the quartet in music venues such as Carnegie Hall in New York, Musikverein in Vienna, Concertgebow in Amsterdam, Wigmore Hall in London, the Sidney Opera House and Toppan Hall in Tokyo. (Photo by: Thilo Stengel)