• Iris Maidre Aarvik

    Iris Maidre Aarvik

    Plays Frédéric Chaudieré

    Iris Maidre Aarvik has since 2013 studied viola at the Barratt Due Institute of Music. Along with three other students, she has formed the Virentia string quartet, which in a short time has gained attention for its concerts at home and abroad.

  • Maria Alejandra Conde

    Maria Alejandra Conde

    Plays Jacob von der Lippe

    Maria Alejandra Conde studies at the Norwegian Academy of Music. She is an active chamber musician. In January 2016, while playing in Trio Nemesis, she won the Academy's Chamber Music Competition.

  • Edvard Erdal

    Edvard Erdal

    Plays Samuel Zygmuntowicz

    Plays on a violin made by Samuel Zygmuntowicz in 2010 in New York, USA. 

  • Stepan Frolov

    Stepan Frolov

    Plays Michael Stürzenhofecker

    Stepan Frolov (born 1992) has built up a reputation in both his homecountry, Russia and Norway as a vivid chamber musician and soloist. He is currently studying at the Norwegian Academy of Music.

  • Oda Holt Günther

    Oda Holt Günther

    Plays Frédéric Chaudieré

    Oda Holt Günther is a student at the Barratt Due Institute of Music, within the Young Talents program and in the Junior Orchestra. She has received first prizes in national competitions, and third prize in Fishoff National Chamber Music Competition in South Bend spring 2015 with the string quartet Alegrar.

  • Sandra Lied Haga

    Sandra Lied Haga

    Plays Joannes Florenus Guidantus

    Despite her young age, Sandra Lied Haga has, for many years made her mark in Europe and Norway. Moreover, she has achieved four international first prizes, honorary prize, six national first prices and a number of other awards.

  • Johanne Haugland

    Johanne Haugland

    Plays Jacob von der Lippe

    Johanne Haugland studys at the Barratt Due Institute of Music in Oslo. From 2013 she spent on year in Venezuela where she played in the Caracas Youth Symphony Orchestra, an orchestra from the El Sistema project.

  • Lotte Hellstrøm Hestad

    Lotte Hellstrøm Hestad

    Lotte Helstrøm Hestad started playing the violin through the Suzuki method when she was 4-5 years old. After that, she started on the Young Talents programme at the Barratt Due Institute of Music. Now she is studying for a Bachelor at the Norwegian Academy of Music.

  • Iris Therese Kalliovirta

    Iris Therese Kalliovirta

    Plays Franz Simon

    Iris Therese Kalliovirta (f.2006) is a student at the Barratt Due Institute of Music and the Joint Music programme between Majorstuen School and Barratt Due in Oslo. Iris plays in both an orchestra and a quartet, and she is actively engaged in competitions and various concerts. From the autumn of 2017 she will be participating in the Young Talents' programme at Barratt Due. 
  • Mirjam Kammler

    Mirjam Kammler

    Plays Simone Fernando Sacconi

    Mirjam Kammler is studying at the Norwegian Academy of Music. She has played at festivals such as Aberystwyth Music Festival, Valdres Summer Symphony and Porziano Musica. She has won several first prizes and was a finalist in the Virtuos competition in Norway in 2014.

  • Nanna Kartstrøm

    Nanna Kartstrøm

    Plays Andreas Hellinge

    Nanna Karlstrøm is a student at the Norwegian Academy of Music. She has a lot of concert experience, both as a solo violinist and as a member of orchestras and ensembles. She has won numerous awards and scholarships.

  • Andreas Block Laberg

    Andreas Block Laberg

    Plays Christophe Landon

    Andreas Block Laberg (b.1997) is studying Bachelor of Performing violin at the Academy of Music in Norway. He has performed as an orchestral musician and soloist with numerous orchestras and chamber ensembles, and has received various prizes and scholarships.

  • Balder Hella Mikkelsen

    Balder Hella Mikkelsen

    Plays Francis Kuttner

    Balder Hella Mikkelsen plays the cello and is a student at the Barratt Due Institute of Music. He has received numerous awards and erceived the Bergen municipality talent scholarship in 2014.

  • Rasmus Hella Mikkelsen

    Rasmus Hella Mikkelsen

    Plays Frédéric Chaudieré

    Rasmus Hella Mikkelsen is a student at the Barratt Due Institute of Music. He has received several awards, including the 1st price in the Youth Music Championships (UMM), regional, Chamber Music in 2015.

  • Katinka Nilssen

    Katinka Nilssen

    Plays Gregg Alf

    Katinka started practicing the violin when she was four years old, and already at the age of nine, she performed as a soloist with Arve Tellefsen in a Bach concert for two violins. Since then, she has participated in a range of concerts and competitions, granting her several awards and scholarships, both national and internaitonal.

    More information about Katinka Nilssen

  • Kristin Pas

    Kristin Pas

    Plays Francis Kuttner

    Kristin Pas (b. 1998) plays the viola and violin. She is a student at Baratt Due Institute of Music. She is active both as a chamber musician and a soloist.

  • Mons Michael Thommessen

    Mons Michael Thommessen

    Plays Seven Makers

    Mons Michael Thommessen has studied at the Academy of Music, University Mozarteum Salzburg and is currently studying at the Barratt Due Institute of Music in Norway. He has received several awards.

  • Alfred Wang

    Alfred Wang

    Plays Carl Becker and Son

    Plays on a violin made by Carl Becker & Son in Chicago, 1950.

  • Ivan Zecevic

    Ivan Zecevic

    Ivan Zecevic is a croatian viola-player and violinist from Zagreb. He has played in numerous ensembles and orchestras at a national and international level in both Zagreb and Oslo. Currently, Zecevic works at Malmö Opera Orchestra as a solo viola-player. For more information, click here.

  • Jon Åsnes

    Jon Åsnes

    Plays René Zaal

    Jon Åsnes is working on his Master's degree at Norway's Academy of Music, with a fellowship at the Oslo Philharmonic Orchestra. From January 2016 he is employed as alternating solo bassist at the Symphony Orchestra of Northern Norway.