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Over the years Norway´s savings banks have always donated a percentage of their profits to the local communities in which they have operated. Sparebankstiftelsen DNB is continuing to pursue this tradition.

The foundation is the second largest owner of Norway´s largest financial group, DNB.

Since its founding, the foundation has allocated approximately NOK 5 billion to philanthropic purposes.

What do we contribute to?

Most of our contributions are made to projects related to art and culture in Norway, ranging from small local projects to large national ones.

We support projects that generate long-term assets, engage many people, involve volunteers and create activities in local communities.

Our grants and initiatives

Grants are donated to projects throughout Norway, but the foundation´s Statutes stipulate that when allocating gifts, reasonable consideration should be given to the national origins of such funds, i.e. Eastern Norway. The foundation has two annual application deadlines for contributions, in February and September, and applications are made directly via our Norwegian website.

Collections of art and stringed instruments

Furthermore, we are building up a substantial art collection which is loaned out to Norwegian art museums. We also invest in old stringed instruments that are loaned out to established and talented Norwegian musicians.


The foundation  runs Sentralen, a house for the performing arts and a gathering place for social and cultural innovation in the center of Oslo. Sentralen, was officially opened for the public in March 2016. The building originally served as the headquarters for Christiania Sparebank, which the Savings Bank Foundation DNB sprung out of.

Sentralen contains several stages and production spaces as well as a restaurant and café. Close to 350 cultural and social innovators have their offices at Sentralen.

Capital basis

The DNB Savings Bank Foundation´s capital, is the result of almost 200 years of well-managed banking operations, and originates from the Gjensidige NOR Sparebank, which later on merged with DNB to form the DNB Group.

The foundation was formed in 2002 when Gjensidige NOR Sparebank was converted into a limited liability company. The bank´s core capital was converted into shares and the authorities decided that any capital not in the possession of external owners should be owned and managed by a foundation.

The foundation´s capital consists of the accumulated profits that have resulted from the savings bank´s operations ever since Christiania Sparebank was established in 1822.

Our two objectives:

- To be a long-term owner of DNB.

- To preserve the traditions pursued by Norway´s savings banks, e.g. by continuing the savings bank´s tradition of donating a percentage of its profits to charitable causes.